Pinterest is full of beautiful Easter and spring-themed cupcakes, but I find that most require specialty tools and abilities that are beyond what most kids can master. Today I wanted to share with you some fun and easy ways to decorate cupcakes with your kids this spring! All you really need are candies, and sprinkles!

I made these cupcakes the night before decorating them from a box. If you would like to make cupcakes from scratch, simply follow your favourite recipe. I can’t stress enough how important it is to let the cupcakes cool before you ice them. One other thing I kept in mind when decorating these cupcakes is that everything must be edible. No toothpicks holding things up, nothing that isn’t safe (and yummy!) to eat.

You Will Need:

  • 1 batch of cupcakes
  • Basic white icing
  • A bag of large marshmallows
  • Sprinkles (I had white, pink, purple, yellow, green and brown)
  • Black jelly beans
  • Pink jelly beans
  • Mini eggs
  • Carrot gummy candies
  • Sugar beads

The icing I use came from the store. I divided one jar of icing into four separate bowls and then added two drops of food colouring to each, to make pink, blue, purple, and yellow. Start by icing your cupcakes using a knife from your kitchen.

If you are having a family Easter celebration, you may want to add some extra fun! When I made the cupcakes last night I cut out a middle section from two of them. Today I filled in those holes with sugar beads, and then iced over them like normal. Whoever gets the cupcake with the surprise in the middle can win a prize (maybe more chocolate?)!

Sprinkle Bunnies

These bunnies are cute, and easy. You can make them any colour—all you need are the ears, and the jelly bean face.

To create these cute bunnies, first cut a large marshmallow in half on a diagonal. Then press the newly exposed center into pink sprinkles. And there you have your bunny ears!

Next, if you would like to, dip the top of your cupcake in a bowl of sprinkles.  If the sprinkles make it hard to stick on your bunny’s ears and face, just add a dab of icing on the piece and then stick it on. I used black jelly beans for the eyes, and a pink jelly bean for the nose.

Birds Nest

The bird’s nest cupcake is one of the easiest to master! Simply roll the outer rim of the cupcake in green sprinkles, and then press the top in brown sprinkles. Then add three mini eggs on top!

Carrot Garden

Just dip the top of the cupcake in green sprinkles, and then place three carrot gummy candies on top.

I love decorating cupcakes when it is fun and easy. I don’t love it when ideas call for extra equipment that I know I will rarely use. These Easter cupcakes were a big hit in my home. One final tip… don’t forget to buy enough candy for some snacking! Enjoy!

Alanna is the blogger behind Classy On The Run, and also writes for Wedding Essentials Magazine. Twitter: @classyontherun; Instagram: @alanna.victoria