No matter what time they go to bed, kids (at least my kids) always wake up at the same time. It’s like they come programmed to do just that. Especially when the parents have a late night also.

Especially when the parents need just one more hour of sleep to function properly. And when there’s a baby in the house who wakes up at the drop of a needle.

This morning, I woke up to my bedroom door slowly being opened. I wasn’t scared. I knew it was Ben following his usual routine. Did I mention it was six a.m.? That’s early for us. I would say I’m so thankful that we don’t have to wake up until just after seven a.m. most weekdays! But this is the time we wake up every. single. day. As he peeked his head into our bedroom, I knew the day had to begin. Other mornings, when I send him back to his bedroom, we all are forced to wake up no thanks to the sound of action figures slamming together and sound effects coming from Ben’s room. If it’s not playing we hear it’s loud sobs. Sending Ben back to his room to sleep for “just a bit longer” never works. We even have a Gro-Clock, but it doesn’t matter when it turns yellow with the sun. When it’s still blue it’s time to wake up. Ben goes by his internal clock only.

I love Ben. I can’t feel frustrated with our early wake-ups for long! Don’t the Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopras of the world claim that waking up early is an ingredient to success? If that’s so, Ben is on the right track. We all are! My oldest is turning six this year, and I’m still a recovering night owl. It’s been a very difficult transition.

What time do your kids wake up? If you’re a night owl like I am how do you handle the early morning routine?