William took what I thought were his first steps in my presence last Friday. I giddily texted Brendan to let him know but couldn’t manage to capture the moments on video. Lo and behold, on Saturday when I was out all day, Brendan recorded several moments of Will waddling around the living room and happily prancing about. It’s very cute, but I carried him in my belly for nine months, I wish he had let me be the one behind that camera! Either way, I’m so happy my 19-month-old is walking. Here’s what I’ve learned about this entire no-walking-to-walking happening:

  1. Kids only like to show off for their dads. I’m convinced of this.
  2. Despite hours of encouragement, treats, and mom and dad showing them how to do it, kids will do things on their own agenda. Period.
  3. Once they get the hang of something it’s like they were always doing it. There’s no going back!
  4. Walking opens to the door to new things like running and shoes. I must budget for new shoes now.  
  5. My gut is always right so I should stop worrying so much. I knew he would walk before he turned two!

Where were you when your little one took those first steps?

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