When you’re pregnant, you realized just how important sleep is. The only problem is that, often, sleep can be elusive – especially in the last trimester. It’s just not comfortable, and if you’re a back sleeper, you need to learn how to sleep on your side.

That’s where the wonderful multi-use pillows from Ultimate Mum come in!

The Ultimate “6 in 1” is a pregnancy, body and nursing/feeding pillow which addresses all the needs of expecting and new mums, for more and better sleep, lower back, hip and pelvic area recovery, nursing / feeding and much more.

The Ultimate with “6 in 1” Superior Features 

  1. Better sleep
  2. Best nursing and feeding ability
  3. Recovery from lower back pains and strains
  4. Help re-align lower pelvic area during sleep
  5. A personal lounger for much needed rest & relaxation
  6. A baby lounger

This “J”shaped – side sleeping – luxury body pillow provides exceptional comfort and support for you and your baby. The “J” shaped design provides tremendous baby bump support which alleviates strain on your lower back while resting / sleeping and further provides recovery from pain and strain in lower pelvic area, so you wake up refreshed and ready to go in your busy day. This assures you better sleep, the thing you need most of all during your pregnancy and post natal period. The Ultimate 6 in 1 pillow also easily converts into the most comfortable and practical feeding pillow by simply raising one side of the pillow and wrapping the pillow arm in front of yourself for nursing or feeding. By converting the pillow into different positions, it also becomes an amazing personal lounger providing R & R for you during any time and performs as a baby lounger once baby is born.

The Ultimate 6 in 1 pillow comes with a premium bamboo terry cloth pillow cover and HealthGuard waterproof / breathable coating, providing all the luxury and practical benefits of natural organic bamboo fiber: it’s soft, easy to maintain / wash and dry and highly absorbent for liquids and spills. Each cover is also coated on the backside with HealthGuard waterproof / breathable membrane, which provides maximum breathability – allowing air and water vapour molecules to escape (the pillow breathes) while preventing larger water or other liquid molecules from penetrating due to unique HealthGuard membrane technology.

This ensures that you never have to wash or dry your Ultimate Mum pillow! Nothing will penetrate your Ultimate Mum Pillow cover and keeps your pillow free from allergens, dust, mites, liquids and always keeps your pillow fresh and completely hypoallergenic, super comfortable and soft.

The ButterFly “5 in 1”  is a pregnancy and body support pillow with a patented design feature that is ideal for busy mums. This superior maternity pillow with uniquely supportive ButterFly Wing design ensures better sleep and guarantees additional comfort while supporting the side-sleeping for pregnancy position, providing ideal blood flow as recommended by doctors and specialists. Because of its size, it’s also ideal for travel, or when space is at a premium.

The ButterFly with “5 in 1” Luxury Features

  1. Easy and practical to take anywhere
  2. Excellent support for your baby bump – reduce back pain and helps you relax
  3. Provides best sleep
  4. Bacteria, mould, dust mite and mildew resistant for allergy sufferers
  5. Quality, luxury & patented design = excellent value

Ultimate Mum Pillows are filled with ComfortFill, a siliconized hollow fiber fill technology. These tiny fiber filaments glide and float seamlessly in each of our pillows. ComfortFill is thousands of siliconized polyester fibers moving independently, creating a natural, luxurious loft.  ComfortFill retains its fluffiness and loft after many uses and, with an Ultimate Mum HealthGuard cover, will never need washing or drying, therefore will always retain its fullness and never cluster or migrate. With ComfortFill, you get smooth and luxurious loft, great recovery, no clumping and easy maintenance / care.

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