I still remember the feeling of dread I would get when I was a kid and the end of summer approached. I have memories of going to the store with my mom, seeing the back to school displays and feeling my stomach sink. I would think to myself, “Summer just started! How can we be nearing back to school time already?”

As an adult, I still get that feeling in the pit of my stomach when I know that summer days are quickly coming to an end. As much as I complain about how hard it is to have two kids home during the summer, I really do love having them around with the relaxed pace and schedule that we enjoy over summer break.

My mom always tried to make back to school special for me, and I try my best to do the same for my kids. Today I’m sharing with you a project that makes back to school a little bit brighter! This project not only makes super fun back to school accessories, it’s also a fun craft project to keep the kids occupied.

Get Creative With Perler Beads

Have your kids discovered Perler (or Hama) beads yet? Mine are obsessed. I bought them a tub of Perler beads for Christmas and since then they have gone through 6000 beads!

I decided it would be a good idea to make something useful with all the Perler crafts that they’ve been doing, so we started making our own DIY backpack bling! Attach a keyring to your Perler bead crafts then loop it to the zipper of your backpack for a fun fashion accessory that lets your child’s personality shine through!

Perler makes an iPad app that is filled with tons of cute patterns like the unicorn Pusheen that we used for the backpack bling in the photos. Alternatively, create your own patterns and let your creativity truly shine! (If you’re an Android user, try this app from the Google Play store.)

Ready to make DIY Backpack Bling? Let’s get started!

DIY Backpack Bling

Backpack Bling Perler Bead Craft 1



Backpack Bling Perler Bead Craft 2

Step 1: Find a pattern that you would like to make out of Perler beads (or create one of your own), sort your beads and create your design on your Perler peg board.

Step 2: Place a piece of ironing paper over your design and iron your beads until they are melted following the instructions that come with your Perler beads.

Step 3: Once your perler design has cooled, remove it from the pegboard and use a pair of tweezers or a pin to poke a hole in your melted Perler beads. Attach your keyring through the hole. (Alternatively you can also make a loop out of Perler beads on your design that you can link your key ring through.)

Backpack Bling Perler Bead Craft 2

Step 4: Attach your new DIY Backpack Bling to the zipper of your backpack and enjoy!

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