I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant with my third and likely last child.  Along the way, I’ve noticed that there are some very big discrepancies between this pregnancy and my first.  Other than the fact that I didn’t enjoy any of my pregnancies, the differences are staggering.  For example, during my first I couldn’t wait for the baby to arrive; I had such great expectations as to what life with baby would be like. It didn’t even occur to me that my life would change once my son would arrive.  All I imagined was hugs, kisses and cuteness overload.  This time around I’m hoping that my baby will arrive a few days (or weeks) late.  I know what’s in store for me and I can’t even begin to imagine how I will manage being at home with three kids under the age of four. With my first pregnancy I also took a gazillion pictures of my growing belly including a professional photo shoot. I think I have zero of my current pregnancy.  In fact, I took one just for this post.  Here are some other big differences that I’ve noticed along the way.

Differences Between My First and Third Pregnancies


During my first pregnancy I would constantly obsess over my bump, the movement, or lack thereof, what size the baby was at every week, and I read “what to expect when expecting” daily   This pregnancy? All I can say is that if it wasn’t for my oldest son who shows my belly love on a daily basis and speaks to the baby, I wouldn’t even remember that I was pregnant (until I look down and can’t see my feet).  To be fair, I’m busy taking care of my two boys all day long and I’m just grateful I’m surviving by nighttime. I don’t have the time or mental capacity to think about my belly or what’s in it (sorry baby #3).

Doctor Appointments

During my first pregnancy, for every appointment, I had a list of questions for my Obstetrician Gynecologist.  Also, my husband attended every single appointment with me.  This pregnancy, my Doctor visits last a whole five minutes.  And total husband visits this pregnancy? ZERO (but same is also true for my second pregnancy).

Differences Between My First and Third Pregnancies


To be honest, I ate a lot in both pregnancies, but I definitely worried more about what I ate the first time around.  Specifically, did I eat enough cheese, fruits, veggies and milk? I also avoided suggested banned food like the plague.  No unpasteurized cheese, sushi, runny eggs or cold cuts.  This time around? I watched what I ate…sometimes. Honestly, if I did eat anything from the banned list, it was because I forgot I was pregnant.  During my first pregnancy, I took my pre-natal vitamins religiously.  Now? Lets just say that I’m 34 weeks pregnant and I’m still taking pills from my first box of quantity 100 pre-natal vitamins.

Differences Between My First and Third Pregnancies


During my first pregnancy, I enjoyed my free time daydreaming about my baby to be and sleeping whenever I could.  This time around? I honestly forget that I’m pregnant because I’m too busy catering to my other kids’ constant demands.  In fact, I’ve forgotten the meaning of “free” time, I feel guilty when I have it and, ultimately, I do something completely not relaxing to make the guilt go away. I’m also unfamiliar with the word “sleep”.

What are some of the differences you experienced between your pregnancies, if any?


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