Baby jibber jabber is cute, isn’t it? It’s also funny. Here’s this little person who can’t yet speak in full sentences and, yet, manages to take part in conversations. William is one smart toddler. I can tell because he doesn’t let people talk around him. He joins in!

My neighbour came up to me the other day and asked if I heard what Will said to him the other day. I hadn’t yet. Apparently, when asked how he was doing, William replied with “how you doing.” Now, that would be amazing if he said it. I’m not so sure he did, though. But I think some of the babble sounds like actual words. With that being said, he does say a few words, including: hi, ouch, bye, and night. Other than that, we think we’ve heard him say “no not that,” “no thank you,” “Teletubbies”, and “I’m full.”

It’s fun to play the game of “what’s Will saying?” but I think a lot of it is our imagination. Ben was the same way which is why I’m not easily convinced, but I do know that some babies talk at a young age! Does your baby babble “real” words?

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