William’s tooth was extracted.

It’s incredible how much we moms worry…and over a procedure that took only five minutes.

But, it wasn’t five minutes. It was almost an hour. And it would have been longer if he took nothing to help calm him.

The biggest decision and worry came because the dentist suggested Will get sedated. She suggested he get non-tubal anaesthetic. This would mean inhaling the anaesthetic rather than having it go through an IV. It would also mean an anesthesiologist would do it and we would need to be at the dentist’s office around 6 a.m.

I wasn’t comfortable with this route because I’ve read stories of children being put under for a seemingly simple procedure and never waking up. (I was scared!) Also, because I knew taking out a tooth wouldn’t take a lot of time, and I didn’t think it was necessary to put my son completely under for something so simple.

The other options were nitrous (sleeping gas) and oral sedation (drinking a medicine call Midazolam). We ruled nitrous out because it meant having to put a mask on Will’s face and I knew he would just rip it off. I researched Midazolam and discovered it is rather safe and widely used. So, we went with oral sedation.

Aside from us having to force feed the medicine to William, the rest of the experience went well, all things (crying, needles) considered. In fact, Will hardly flinched when he received the needles. I did, though. I couldn’t watch. I had my husband hold him as it happened. I looked out the window for much of it!

When our kids aren’t comfortable or are scared or in pain, it is heartbreaking. I could have done without the entire experience, but I am happy the broken tooth came out. He does seem a lot more content now!

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