When Ben entered daycare at eight months old, people warned me he would get sick. And not just sick. He would get sick often.

I listened to this warning and held my breath. I waited for him to get the daycare stomach bug and other illnesses that his friends caught, but (thankfully!) he rarely caught them. I’ll admit, I went six years thinking some people’s kids simply had lower immune systems or some parents overreacted.

Call me naïve. Call me ignorant. Whatever you want. I admit now that I was both.

Ben wasn’t typical, and Will is now proving that.

Two days into his first daycare experience, Will caught the stomach virus that was sweeping around and through his peers. The daycare worker warned me, but I took it with a grain of salt. But then, William started having diarrhea, and then he vomited all over me. This virus lasted over a week. It was simply awful. Just as I was warned as a first-time parent, I’m now warning other parents – daycare will spread germs. BUT so will school, shopping malls, indoor playgrounds, playdates, etc. You can’t get around it so you might as well be prepared and wash those hands!

Did your child get sick the first time he or she attended daycare?


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