When each of my babies was born, I was struck by how delicate and soft their skin was. Having had eczema from a young age, I knew how important it was to only put soft, natural fibers next to baby’s skin.

To be honest, I was fearful my daughter would have skin issues like me, so she wore only 100% cotton clothes, washed in natural detergent (free of dye, fragrance, phosphates, etc). At the time, organic baby clothes weren’t widely available, and if you did find any, they were extremely expensive.

Fast-forward eight years and there are so many more options available! This month’s featured accessory is actually a line of adorable onesies, footies, hats and bibs by Crocodile Essentials. Each garment is made with 100% organic cotton that is nickel-free and gentle on baby’s skin. Quality garments like these offer good value because they can be handed down from one child to another.

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