We recently said goodbye to another year, and hello to a fresh one — and you may have even watched the ball drop with your kids to officially ring in the new year as a family (or not…especially if they are younger and bedtime is earlier than midnight 😉).

The beginning of a new year signals a fresh start, and we think it’s the perfect time to have a family meeting and chat about setting intentions or resolutions for the next 12 months. They don’t have to be extravagant or feel impossible to achieve. In fact, the simpler the better. This is a wonderful way to bring each other closer and to get on the same page. And when you sit together as a family to talk about each others’ goals or dreams for the upcoming year, it can be eye opening to see what the kids and adults come up with. (Our kids can teach us a lot!)

Here are some ways to set New Year Resolutions as a family…

1. Ask the kids what their goals are

Creating New Year Resolutions as a Family - family meeting

There are different words we can use for resolutions. Maybe we want to set intentions about how we will approach the year. Or maybe the resolution is related to a significant change or event. But if we talk to the kids about goals, they may better understand it from a planning point of view. 

What is a goal they would like to try? You may need to help prompt younger kids, but here are some suggestions for them to consider:

  • is there a new food to try? 
  • do they want to change something about school?
  • are they hoping to become more organized?
  • do they want to try and accomplish a new hobby? 

There’s no right or wrong answer!

2. Create a vision board

Using flyers, magazines and print outs, you can work together to create a family vision board with everyone’s goals, hopes and dreams on them. These are meant to be achievable! Maybe a weekly board game night is added, or a ‘kids pick dinner’ night every month. It’s a good time to reconnect with creativity!

3. Pick a family word of the year

Brainstorm some ideas and words that could represent what everyone envisions for the upcoming year. It can be a feeling, an action word, phrase, and so on. Think about Ted Lasso’s ‘Believe’ sign he put in the locker room (if you’ve watched the show!). Then, display it somewhere, like the fridge or family white board, to keep as a motivation item. 

No matter how you decide to set resolutions, intentions or goals as a family this year, the exercise is really part of the fun. It’s meant to bring everyone together, and possibly come up with new ways to focus time and energy as we head into a new year. 

Bonus tip: You can also ask what everyone saw as three positives over the past year before going into a new one. This is always enlightening!

Rebecca Stanisic is a freelance writer and digital content creator. She’s been blogging on her website, A Little Bit of Momsense, since 2009 and for almost as many years has helped fellow bloggers and small business owners create and curate relevant digital content for their own businesses.  She’s the proud mom of two and is fuelled by fiction and coffee.