What is the first year of school that you have clear memories of? For me it’s third grade. This year my daughter is in third grade and it’s bringing back so many wonderful memories for me.

She recently came home from school with a woven paper basket project that she had made. It took me right back to my own elementary school days, when I made that same project in Mr. Winter’s class. I love how looking at something she created with her own two hands brought up such wonderful feelings of nostalgia for me, and memories from my own childhood.

Another art project I remember making in elementary school was crayon etchings. Do you remember making these? After my daughter brought home her basket, I decided to show my 4-year-old and 8-year-old how to do this fun art project. It couldn’t be simpler, and kids love it! Set your little ones up at the table to do this activity on their own, or dive in there and make art along with them!

Crayon etching is a great beginner project… perfect for all the mamas who don’t think they’re crafty! All you need is paper, crayons, a chopstick (or other scraping utensil) and a bit of creativity, and the results will be colourful and fabulous — just like you and your family!

How To Make Crayon Etchings


  • Heavy paper (I like using cardstock so you don’t risk tearing through the paper while colouring or scraping away the black)
  • Crayons – a variety of colours + 1 black
  • Chopstick or other scraping utensil (a pen with the lid on will work in a pinch)
  • Optional: Scissors (I like cutting an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of cardstock into 4 pieces to make smaller crayon etchings. I think they make great cards.)


Step 1: Colour every square inch of a piece of paper with a variety of different colours.

Step 2: Colour over the coloured paper with black crayons. Again you want to make sure you cover every square inch.

Step 3: Use your chopstick to draw on top of the black crayon. This will scrape away the black, revealing a brightly coloured design below. Let your imagination soar and create the design of your dreams! When you are done, wipe away the “crayon crumbs” (don’t forget to check the back of the paper too) and use your crayon etching for a piece of artwork on the wall or fridge or turn it into a card!

Hint: Lay out butcher paper or newspaper on the table underneath the paper you are colouring on. This will make cleaning up the “crayon crumbs” a breeze, and you’ll avoid getting crayon scribbles on your table top.

I hope that this project will inspire you and your family to get creative together!

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