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The summer has flown by in a blur, and back-to-school is barreling towards us at a crazy pace! We like to create a few seasonal decorations to celebrate back-to-school season and it’s always more meaningful if the kids actually have a hand in it – and they can literally put their hand in this one! This fun simple paper bag back-to-school banner with handprint apples is a great way to decorate the mantle, a doorway, the classroom, or wall.  The best part is not only can you use the supplies you already have on hand to make a school themed decoration with your little one in no time but you get a sweet keepsake to remember their little hands.

Supplies Needed


  • A sweet little hand
  • Red and green craft paint
  • Brown paper lunch bags
  • markers
  • Twine
  • Clear tape


  1. Decide how long you want to make your banner.
  1. Spread out as many bags as you want to use on your banner, I suggest about 2 per foot of length.back-to-school-banner10
  1. Generously paint your child’s palm red, and one of the central fingers green, about 1” up.
  1. Press hand firmly in the centre of paper bag, repaint as often as needed, I did it between each one so it would be dark.back-to-school-banner8
  1. Allow apple handprints to dry completely, then use a marker to finish decorating. You can write random school words, or ask your child to name their favourite parts of school, their teachers name, grade, etc… Personalize them for your family!back-to-school-banner5
  1. Flip bags over and run twine along the back about 2” from top, tape bag securely to the twine.
  1. Hang your banner wherever you like to welcome in the new school year.back-to-school-banner1

What is your favourite part of back-to-school?

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