When I think of my favourite baby boutiques, one thing they all have in common is how they foster an amazing sense of community. Fabulous products and competent customer service are important, but it’s the little things that set apart the great stores from the good ones.  So, when I heard about the wonderful programs and community outreach offered by Clementine & Jasper in Grand Prairie, Alberta, in addition to the amazing products they carry (with a focus on locally-made items), I knew they were the perfect boutique to feature this month.

Clementine and Jasper

Suzanne Brooking Bond, owner of Clementine and Jasper, knows that when you’ve got kids, it’s imperative to get out and stay busy, both for your sanity and theirs! So, it’s been a passion of hers since the store opened, in 2011, to offer more than just products. Clementine and Jasper is Grand Prairie’s local children’s store that offers amazing community programs and unique services, too.

Instilling a love of reading in kids when they are young lays a wonderful foundation for later life. Bonkers for Books is an early literacy program they run every Monday morning, which includes story telling, singing and lots of fun. To keep the learning going at home, parents receive a card to take home with one of the songs sang that day. And, at the end of the month, they hold a draw for a free book.

Clementine and Jasper

Another popular group is Chasing Happiness, which encourages parents and tots to get outside and stay active (May-Oct) with walking adventures on nearby trails.

There are also many workshops offered throughout the year, including breastfeeding, sleep training, Dancing for Birth, infant massage, first aid and more!

One of my favourite services they offer is their Baby Carrier Rental Program. If you’ve ever considered baby wearing, you’ll know how overwhelming the choices can seem at first. There are so many options, and each one is great – but which one will be right for you and your baby? This is where the rental program comes in. Being able to try out different carrier styles and brands is important for finding the perfect “fit”. And once you do, it can be life changing. Baby wearing offers so many benefits both to parent and child – increased bonding, better sleep for baby, mobility for parents… the list goes on.

Clementine and Jasper

In addition to all the great events and services they offer, Clementine and Jasper carries an amazing selection of products, with a focus on Canadian and locally made items. Some of my picks include stylish Colibri wet bags & snack bags, smartly designed comotomo bottles and Zoli BOT sippy cups, functional yet cute Puffin Gear pacifier clips, award-winning Clek car seats, Canadian-made Red Thread clothing (a fav of mine), adorable handmade Baby Baci mobiles, funky drool bibs, durable Lil Jo’s leather booties and shoes and one of the store’s best-sellers (and Suzanne’s favourite locally-made item) – boubeads teething necklaces.

They also carry brands that are exclusive to Clementine and Jasper, such as Zoe Organics (a completely toxin-free line of skincare products), Bamboobies and Puj, to name a few.

Clementine and Jasper

Whether you’re shopping for a gift, stocking up on baby essentials, or looking to connect with other parents in your community, Clementine and Jasper is the perfect place to visit in Grand Prairie. They refer to themselves as “the little shop with a lot of heart”, and it’s clear their customers agree. Here are some comments from their Facebook page…

“First time in the store today. Felt like I was a regular. The ladies are that welcoming! Will be back lots!”  ~ Jeanette T.

“My favourite place to shop, my daughter’s favourite place for stories… She is bonkers for books!” ~ Alexandra M.

Visit them in person or stop by their Facebook page, where you’ll find up-to-date information on new arrivals, promotions and community programs.

Clementine and Jasper

105 – 6829 Kateri Drive

Grande Prairie, Alberta T8W 0H1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clementineandjasper

Email: hello@clementineandjasper.com

Website: http://clementineandjasper.com

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