When I was in the baby stage, I was consistently drawn to stores that carried the cutest clothes, most adorable shoes and the coolest strollers. I still love all of those things, but I’m not obsessed like I was when my kids were infants. Now that my littlest one is three, the stores that catch my attention are those that offer the best toys and gotta-have-‘em gifts. (Have you ever had to buy gifts for five birthday parties in the span of two weeks? Yeah, that.)

Citizen Kid

So, when I discovered this month’s featured boutique, I was in toy heaven!! Citizen Kid is Hamilton, Ontario’s go-to toy store. In it you’ll find an extensive assortment of unique, sustainable toys for children of all ages. And, even though I pride myself on keeping up-to-date with the latest, coolest kid stuff, I was blown away by how many toys were new to me.

Citizen Kid

Owners Rebecca Bamford and Trevor Westerhoff make a point of carrying products from all over the world, focusing on quality toys that are made from natural materials, are fair trade and are eco-friendly. Their store encompasses the idea of imaginative play, as evidenced by their large selection of Waldorf-inspired products, and crafts that stimulate creativity.

Citizen Kid

Some of the brands they carry include the hard-to-find Grimm’s Spiel und Holz from Germany (makers of beautiful wooden stacking toys);  Gluckskafer (enamel dishes from Germany); Seedling (eco-friendly activity kits); Sarah’s Silksand Fancy Pants Kids (both makers of beautiful dress-ups); En Gry & Sif (felt creations); Moover (wooden ride-on and push toys); Lana Organic and blabla (handmade stuffed toys); and Wee Gallery (black & white art cards).

Another stellar product is Tegu magnetic blocks – a favourite at Citizen Kid, says Rebecca. She not only loves their products, but the company itself. “This creative magnetic building toy, made of beautifully finished wood, is fun for all ages. Tegu was founded by a group of Americans who fell in love with Honduras and recognized the need for jobs and industry there. They developed the company and based it in Honduras, giving jobs and opportunity to the people in a fair trade situation. The wood is sustainably forested and trees are planted for every tree taken. A percentage of proceeds also go toward sending Honduran children to school.” What’s not to love? Upon perusing the Tegu site, I can see why Citizen Kid’s customers (and Rebecca) love their products so much… every single toy is cool. And, while they come with a higher price tag, it can be justified because these sets will grow with your child from birth (most are rated Ages 0+) to their tween years – maybe longer!

Citizen Kid

Visit Citizen Kid (either online or in person) and you may be surprised at how quickly your cart fills up, because it isn’t only a toy store… they carry lots of other items, too – bath toys, books and music, nursery décor, and more. If you’re looking for a gift, you won’t go away empty-handed – Citizen Kid has something for every child!

Citizen Kid
188 Locke Street South
Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4B3

Phone: 905-963-1265

Website: www.citizenkid.ca
Email: info@citizenkid.ca

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