The number one fear I had with both my kids was that I wouldn’t produce enough breast milk. I was never one of those mothers that had a surplus of milk naturally without doing anything; I had to work for it. I had a lot of issues producing milk with my first child, but I found with my second child it wasn’t so difficult. I think it was because I learned from my mistakes.

Breastfeeding is hard work and a big commitment, I am not going to lie. It’s very time consuming, and there were so many times when I was so frustrated and wanted to give up, but it got easier as I went along. I think what kept me going was knowing all the benefits my breastmilk provided for my babies. I also loved that special bond, knowing I was the only one that could nourish them and soothe them.

Here are some tips that helped me along the way with breastfeeding my children. I am not an expert by any means, but I wanted to share some tips that I found helpful for increasing my supply.

1.) Nurse, Nurse and Nurse!!
The more your baby nurses, the more milk you will produce. Especially in the beginning, nurse for as long as your baby wants. I always let my babies’ fully empty one breast, and if they were still hungry I offered the other breast.

2.) Always pump after you nurse
This I found to be very crucial! I know it is very time consuming, but it really does help tell your body to produce more milk. I always pumped for 10-15 mins on each side after I nursed.  Babies don’t completely drain the breast so by pumping the extra milk it will make your body work harder to make more milk.

3.) Drink Lots of Water
This is a big one too.  Breastfeeding makes you thirsty, so I always kept a bottle of water beside me when I nursed. If you get dehydrated you won’t produce as much milk, so it’s important to consistently be drinking water throughout the day.

4.) Eating Right
I made the mistake of not eating enough with my first child. I wanted to lose my baby weight, so I cut out a lot of calories. Going on a diet when nursing, was not a good idea. Women who are breastfeeding need extra calories to produce more milk. Eating a balanced diet that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables and protein is really important.  (I’ve heard eating Steel Cut Oats helps as well.)

5.) Getting plenty of rest and decreasing your stress
Getting a good night’s sleep is important to help your body make milk. Also, try not to stress out if you are having issues producing milk because that can also affect your milk supply.

6.) Fenugreek
My Doctor told me about this. You can find it in the natural vitamin section at your local grocery store. I took two pills, two times a day as directed on the bottle. I found it helped increase my supply, but everyone is different. I recommend speaking with your Doctor before trying anything.

Most importantly, enjoy every minute of it. Time goes by so fast, and before you know it, you’ll be at the stage where you’ll be weaning them off like I am doing now. It’s a sad feeling. I cry about it all the time knowing my days of nursing are numbered. I loved nursing my kids, it’s a sacrifice and a gift and I am so thankful and grateful I was able to do it. is lifestyle blog for moms. Natasha blogs about everything from events around town, food, fashion, beauty, décor and of course motherhood. She loves to travel and is a true fashionista! Stay up to date on her latest posts by following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!