Have you ever felt blocked – emotionally, physically or mentally? We all experience blockages of some kind. If we’re not eating properly, we feel it in our stomach and gut; if we’re stressed out, it might manifest as a headache. 

Other times, we aren’t able to identify it, to put our finger on the problem. Why are we feeling this way? What’s causing our thoughts to race or our energy to be depleted?

When I first started doing yoga almost 7 years ago, my main motivation was to get out of the house. I had a preschooler and really (really!) needed a break… some self-care time, if only for an hour a week.

As I practiced yoga more, I started to notice a change not only in how my body felt, but also my mind and spirit. Yes, I was still tired, but I was able to achieve moments of calm where there previously had been none. The change was gradual, but it was noticeable.

From that point on, I became much more open to alternative wellness practices. Where I once would have doubted, I slowly became a believer. (If something works for you, it’s hard not to be!)

That’s why I was intrigued when Sabrina, from Blossom Energy Restoration in Toronto, reached out to see if I wanted to experience Energy Restoration. I hadn’t heard of this practice and was excited to give it a try. 

What is Energy Restoration?

Sabrina describes it like this…

Bio Energy is life energy. Call it Prana, Chi or anything you like, we are all formed from energy, and are governed by the flow of that energy (our life force). My clients come to me with a wide variety of physical, emotional or motivational challenges and we work together to release blockages in the energy system, which in turn releases stress and physical ailments and encourages inspiration and creativity.  Rebooting my clients’ natural energy levels helps them to achieve greater clarity and fulfilment.

My Bio Energy Experience

Sabrina is a consummate professional, having been trained by one of the world’s foremost bio energy practitioners. She started the session off with an assessment of my needs based on my completed client questionnaire, as well as a brief discussion about my overall feelings about my health and wellness.

To begin the treatment, Sabrina asked me to stand with my (bare) feet slightly apart, relaxing my body and breathing deeply; in the nose, out the mouth. (This was done while we were both fully masked, of course, and hands/surfaces sanitized whenever needed. Health and safety precautions are of the utmost importance to Sabrina, and the greatest care was taken in this regard.)  

Then, Sabrina began clearing away the energy that had formed blockages in different parts of my body. Most of this is done without touching; in a few instances, she touched my shoulders or back. Each time, she told me what she would be doing, so I was prepared. She put me at ease; I felt completely comfortable and well taken care of. At one point, I transitioned to a sitting position in a nearby chair. The treatment ended with me, once again, standing.

How Energy Restoration Made Me Feel

I cannot adequately express the physical and emotional impact of this treatment, but I’ll try to put it into words. At times during the session, I alternated between experiencing a warm sensation, then a cool one – but it wasn’t uncomfortable. It’s like I could feel the energy shifting in my body, blockages being moved and good (new?) energy replacing it. 

During one point in the treatment that focused on breathwork, Sabrina was repeating an affirmation (like a mantra of sorts) and I found myself releasing a ton of pent-up emotion, tears streaming down my face. It was extremely powerful.

Sabrina’s treatment focused on me letting go – of thoughts, stresses, everything… In that hour, I was given the freedom to feel whatever came up for me, to just be.

As moms, we don’t always get this opportunity. I get that. Life is busy and we don’t take the time to listen to our bodies and be still with our thoughts and feelings. An hour seems almost decadent, but it shouldn’t. 💗

If I’ve learned anything in my (almost) 14 years as a Mom, it’s that time spent on my personal wellness always reaps huge rewards – in my relationship with my spouse, my kids and in my business. Everything improves when I invest time and energy into being my best self.

Reboot your natural energy levels

Energy restoration has helped many people boost their energy, as well as helping with a host of other medical issues, including eczema, stress and anxiety and more. 

If you want to restore your energy naturally, Sabrina is hosting classes starting Tuesday, February 2nd. This 4-week session, taught via Zoom, is sure to help many tired mamas this winter. Click below to join!

If you’re interested in learning more or booking an appointment with Sabrina, please visit her website or send her an email

SPECIAL OFFER for MomResource.ca readers:  Sabrina is offering a 50% discount (off ONE treatment) for the first five people who email her to book a session! In order to be eligible for the discount, be sure to mention that we sent you!

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