I can’t believe it. Will is turning 11 months on January 16. I’m not ready. Is he even ready? Of course, he is. But he was just born yesterday!  I swear! Where does the time go? Honestly?

Not only am I not ready but I’m sometimes in denial. I mean, he is like a six-month-old trapped in an 18-month-old’s body (sometimes). He’s now in a size 18 months, and likely weighs the same as some two-year-olds, but he has no interest in eating foods that are more solid than puree or crawling. He rolls, though. I’ll place him on one end of the carpet and find him on the other end in no time. His mode of transportation is lying on his back and rolling anywhere he chooses. I’m no longer worried about his lack of crawling. In fact, I’m quite ok with it. He doesn’t want to crawl? Fine by me. My anxiety levels can stay neutral for a little longer then.

Regardless, my baby boy is almost a year old. Do you ever blink twice at the sight of your child? One minute you’re holding him in your arms and the next minute he’s talking back to you?  We’re not quite at the talking-back stage, but he is imitating us. Last night he said “dada” and “mama” after we said the words several times.

Will you soon be celebrating a first birthday too? How are you feeling about it? Share below!