There are lots of things we Moms resort to when we’re desperate. And when baby is teething and in pain, we’ll try almost anything! So, when I heard about the benefits of Baltic Amber on little ones’ sore teeth and gums, I wanted to find out more. Rea O’Leary from Grow As You Go Kids’ Gear answered my questions…

Baltic Amber (a specific amber from this particular region of the world), is approximately 7% succinic acid, which is naturally occurring in our own bodies, and is an analgesic (an anti-inflammatory and pain killer).  When the necklace is worn against the skin, the body absorbs the amber’s succinic acid, which travels the point of inflammation (the gums) and draws out the inflammation and cuts the fever.  You will notice less chewing, less drooling and generally a happier baby. Baltic Amber can also help ease migraines, ganglia, menstrual pain, arthritis and more.

There’s nothing I like more than items that combine form and function – and this pretty Baltic Amber necklace does just that – which is why it is June’s featured accessory!