Is baby name stealing a real phenomenon? This article says it is.  Apparently this happens all the time – a couple mentions the name they’d love to use on their future child and their pregnant friend or family member “steals” it for their own.

I have never held back sharing the name I wish to give my future children.  I have always loved the name Benjamin, and I let others know without hesitation. When I found out I was having a boy, I named him immediately and didn’t care if someone else named their child Benjamin, too. The same goes for Will. My viewpoint on this is I don’t own these names. Someone else is allowed to have them too.  I was so set on Benjamin that if a family member were pregnant at the same time as me and decided to use the name, I would have still used the name. I wouldn’t change it because someone else used it.

Benjamin and William are traditional names, though. So I can understand why there would be a conflict if someone took a unique name and made it theirs. I’d be upset if someone took my creativity as their own, of course!

Have you ever had someone steal your favourite baby name? Or have you used someone else’s favourite name because you loved it so much? Share in the comments!