There are two parenting camps when it comes to the end of the school year:

Camp: Woo Hoo!

Camp: Boo Hoo!

I fall directly into Camp Woo Hoo.

By school’s end, I’m a done bun, ready to enter into a more relaxed summer schedule. And it’s not just me who is done. By mid-June getting my kids up and out the door has turned into a herculean task.

No matter which end of the spectrum you are on, why not kick off the start of summer with a few ideas that will make that last week fly by?

ways to celebrate the last week of school

1. Make Your Kids Their Favourite Lunches That Week

Lunches are one of the thousands of thankless chores moms do every single day. You spent 185 days making ‘mostly’ healthy, balanced lunches so for these last five days just give your kids their favourites. Nothing says fun like a jam sandwich.

2. Surprise!

Greet them with a small surprise when they come home from school each day; emphasis on the word ‘small’. Last year I put a sticky note on the door that said:

Only three days left of school this year.

The time will pass easy peasy.

Now it’s time to come inside and have yourself a Freezie.

It wasn’t even a large Freezie and yet my kids still talk about it. A few other ideas would be sidewalk chalk, a skipping rope, an ice cream cone, or set up a bucket full of water balloons for a spontaneous water fight.

3. Take a Skip Day

Show up at school, sign your kids out, and take them to the park for a picnic lunch. Or better yet, don’t even bother waking them. Make it a fun day for all of you.

4. Write Notes For Their Teachers

A teacher friend of mine told me she kept all the notes given to her by parents and kids throughout her career. Teachers have a huge impact on our kids. Have your children write what they loved about the teacher and how he or she made a difference. If you want to take it one step further, give a copy of the letter to the principal.

5. Host a Shred Your Schoolwork Party

This is by far my kids’ favourite tradition. Invite a few close friends to shred all the schoolwork they did throughout the year. The setup is simple; you only need to do three things.

  1. Order pizza
  2. Set out three or four garbage bags in your backyard.
  3. Let the ripping begin.


No matter what you do to get through that last week of school, don’t forget to do something for yourself, mom. You made it through another year and that’s something to celebrate.

Sharon DeVellis is a freelance writer who has been featured both online and in print. She specializes in current topics relevant to parents with a dose of humour and humanity, as well as focusing on living a healthy lifestyle, and encouraging kids to be active. When she’s not writing, she walks dogs.  Yes, it is pretty sweet. With the exception of birthing both of her children past their due dates, she has never missed a deadline.