There are a number of things you purchase when you have a little one. There are also many gifts you receive from friends and family. And while some may run their course over a period of months or even years, I am a firm believer that there are some baby items worth keeping for much longer.

1. Waterproof change pads

You know those simple blankets that are soft cotton on one side and a stronger waterproof material on the other? Those change pads were perfect to slip in a diaper bag or even a large purse when you went out with baby. No matter where you were, you could lay that blanket down and have an instant changing station. They also came in handy for quick blankets to sit on in the park. But now that your baby is potty trained, hold on to those blankets. They are perfect to protect kitchen or dining room chairs, and great for hanging under car seats to stop toddler shoes from getting the car dirty.

2. Nursing pillow

Depending on what type of nursing pillow you had, you may want to hold onto it. My favourite nursing pillow was the long pillow with a removable, washable cover. The cover was soft and the pillow was comfortable. So why would I spend more money to get a body pillow that is pretty much the same thing? Exactly.

3. Washcloths

I used cotton washcloths for everything. I had designated washcloths for when my babies were at the table eating. They helped with easy clean up and were perfect for washing up on the go, too. Now, I use them in their lunch boxes as reusable napkins.

4. Lullaby music and /or sound soother

It may be a matter or choice, but we were a family that loved the sound soother and the lullaby music for our babies. My little ones fell asleep very well with those sounds and it made us feel better when we were still up making noise. Now as a family, we like to play soft music for studying time and downtime. There are a couple of lullaby CDs that my boys still listen to when going to bed. It really does relax them when they have had a long day and need to switch gears and rest up. And truthfully, I have used the sound soother myself. There is no difference between that and the meditation music that has existed for years, for adults.

5. Wipes

Of course, you cannot โ€˜keepโ€™ wipes, but keeping baby wipes handy is key! We use them all the time for snack time at soccer games, in the car on road trips, for clean-ups on the go… the list is endless. And buying unscented baby wipes is more economical than buying wet napkins marketed for adults – plus you get more wipes per package!

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