When we become moms, something happens to our energy levels. We have a lot less of it, and yet we keep going without losing our breath. It’s this superhuman power that we accumulate. I keep telling Ben I’m a superhero, but he doesn’t quite believe me.

Being a mom can be exhausting, but it’s always very rewarding. Now that I have two, my heart is filled two times over, and my brain is two times slower. But it’s so worth it. Here are the top five reasons why I love being a mom to two lively and loving little boys.

1. I love being a guide. When Ben’s sad or frustrated, it’s my job to help him work through it. There have been many times when we’ve sat on the couch or in his room at night talking about the trials of his day. He tells me about a boy who hit him, and I ask him why he might have done that and, together, we come up with a solution on how he can handle it next time. I love guiding my children to become independent, clear-thinking people. It’s amazing to watch them grow.

2. I love watching the wonderment. When Will sees something that interests him, his eyes grow wide, and his mouth forms into an “O.” He looks at me and looks at what he’s seeing, and I can see the wheels of wonder turning in his head!

3.I love watching them interact with one another. The other day, Ben started tossing the ball to Will and Will went after it and threw it back. The two were giggling as they played!

4. I love the bond between my husband and the boys. I live in a household full of loving kids. I feel very lucky. When Ben has a nightmare, he comes into our room and asks for daddy. When Brendan leaves the house for the day, Will crawls to the front door and waves and cries. I picture the three of them going on camping trips and bonding over hockey games in the future.

5. I love the inspiration they give me Every day I’m inspired by how my two boys view life. When Ben gets his feelings, hurt he doesn’t dwell on it. He moves on and forgets very quickly (I, on the other hand, take it on!). When Will falls he gets himself back up and tries again! These two are teaching me more than they will ever know!

I don’t need flowers or expensive gifts from my kids to show me how much they love me. They give me everything without knowing it, every day, simply in how they live and explore and grow. What about you? What do you love most about being a mom?