I think DIY projects that kids can create to give to their dads or grandfathers for Father’s Day are ideal since they come from the heart and are made with love! What more can a dad ask for? Children really enjoy making a special gift just for dad and also getting involved in choosing the crafts. I always brought my kids to the stores to shop with me, so they could decide on the colours, craft supplies, and materials.

The supplies listed below were mostly purchased at a Dollar store and Michael’s. Please make sure to supervise your children at all times when making any of these gifts.

Have a fun and Happy Father’s Day!

Preschool to Grade 1

Collage Portrait of Dad

The idea is to create Dad’s face with paper cut-outs.

What You Need:

  • Construction paper
  • Magazine, scrapping paper, or white paper
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, markers
  • Glue

How To Make It:

You can ask the child to cut-out face parts with scrapping paper, magazine, construction paper, or an adult can draw them on a white paper and have the child cut them out. I used a blue construction paper for the backing and traced the ear, nose, mouth, eyes, eyebrows, and hair on a white paper. I photocopied the sheet, so both my children would have one each to cut out. I drew an oval shape for the face on the blue construction paper with a pencil and they used a marker to go over the oval shape. They coloured the body parts, cut them out, and glued them to the face. The kids can add Happy Father’s Day on the construction paper!

Preschool to 3rd Grade

Popsicle Magnetic Picture Frame

This gift is perfect to put on the refrigerator or on a filing cabinet at dad’s work.  You can pretty much stick it anywhere you can find a piece of metal!

What You Need:

  • 4 popsicle sticks
  • 2 different colours of crafter’s acrylic paint (we used blue and green)
  • 2 Paint brushes
  • 2 small containers to pour the paint (we used the cups you get with children’s over the counter medications)
  • Foam sheet (cut hearts or other shapes) or precut foam shapes
  • Acrylic sealer
  • Self adhesive magnetic strip
  • Scissors

How to Make It:

  • Use one acrylic colour and paint 2 popsicle sticks on the front, back, and sides. Paint the other 2 sticks with the other colour.
  • Spray the popsicle sticks (front side only) with the acrylic sealer. Make sure you spray in a well-ventilated area. This process will protect and enhance the paint colours. Shake the can, spray 10 to 12 inches from the sticks with a steady back and forth motion. Let dry for about 45 minutes.
  • Glue the 4 popsicle sticks together in a square with craft glue or a glue gun. Use the same colour sticks for the sides and top/bottom.
  • Cut a photo the size of the frame and put a self-adhesive magnetic strip (2 inches) on the back of the photo.
  • Glue the photo to the back of the frame.
  • On the front of the frame, add foam shapes to each corner.

Preschool to Grade 6

Tidy Trunk Bucket

Does dad’s car trunk look like this?

Help him keep his trunk clutter-free and clean (and keep objects from sliding back and forth every time he makes a turn) by making a tidy trunk bucket! Place all the items in this decorated bucket. You can also use a bungee cord to attach the bucket, especially if you have hooks incorporated into the back seat. The bucket is handy since it has a handle for easy carrying.

What You Need:

  • 6 gallon water bucket
  • Letter stickers
  • Adhesive foam stickers
  • Tag
  • Crafts supplies of your choice

How to Make It:

  • Decorate the front and back of the bucket with stickers of your choice, or other craft supplies. My daughter made her side more girly and my son opted for a space theme.
  • Attach a tag to the handle and write a message on it.

Grade 1 to 6

Heart Shaped Pancakes

The perfect breakfast for the awesome dad served by his child(ren) in bed! This recipe makes about 10-12 pancakes.


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cups of milk or buttermilk
  • ¼ cup of vegetable oil (canola, grapeseed)
  • 1 ¾ cup of all-purpose or unbleached flour
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Pam cooking spray or oil
  • Fresh fruits like strawberries, oranges, raspberries, etc.


  • Heat griddle or pan to medium heat.
  • In large bowl, beat eggs and stir in oil and milk.
  • Add remaining ingredients and whisk until large lumps disappear.
  • Lightly grease the griddle or pan with Pam or oil.
  • To check to see if the griddle/pan is warm enough: put a few drops of water in the griddle when they sizzle and bounce, it’s time to add the batter.
  • Pour the batter, about one soup ladle at a time, onto the hot griddle/pan.
  • Cook until bubbles form and edges start to dry; turn and cook the other side.
  • Put in a plate or cutting board and cut to form a heart or you can use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut the pancake.
  • Place 2 pancakes in a plate with fresh fruits.

Tip:  You can add 1 cup of chocolate chips or blueberries.

Grade 1 to 6

Hockey Puck Shadow Box

I love shadow boxes for a Father’s Day gift idea because you can be so creative with it. For the new dad, you can mount baby’s footprints on scrapbook paper; make one from his awesome fishing trip; or another one using his favourite sports memorabilia.

My husband and son enjoy hockey and started collecting Ontario Hockey League pucks from each team when they attended a 67’s hockey game. The kids and I decided to put them all in a shadow box and they are now displayed in the family room. The box can stand alone or be mounted on the wall.  Their dad was really happy to receive this gift!

What You Need:

  • 20 pucks
  • Shadow Box Frame (black, 16” x 20”)
  • Industrial type VELCRO® sticky back fasteners (at least 1 ½ -2 inches wide)

How to Make It:

  • Clean and dry surface of the puck
  • Peel tape from fastener and apply a strip of Velcro that will adhere to the shadow box at the back of the puck (the length of it).
  • Wait 24 hours for the Velcro to adhere properly.
  • Remove backing from the shadow box.
  • Adhere the Velcro of each puck to the inside of the backing. You should have 5 rows of 4 pucks in total.
  • Put back the backing of the shadow box.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day!

Lyne Proulx is happily married and has two teenagers: a 15-year-old son and a 19-year-old daughter. She is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI), Certified Professional Wedding Consultant, and an Event Planner. It has always been her dream to create a website dedicated just for Moms since her children were young. Thus, after 10 years, she finally accomplished it, and the Ottawa Mommy Club was born in May 2011. She is the Chief B of the BConnected Conference, a social media conference for parent bloggers in Ottawa.