If only we could get into the minds of our babies (and kids). Sometimes my baby looks like he’s deep in thought (and I don’t mean “poop face”). I wonder, if he is thinking, what is he thinking about?

Here are 10 things I imagine my baby thinks daily:

1.So when I scream mommy picks me up! Why doesn’t everyone scream?

2. This is what now? It tastes awful. Bleh!

3. I need to see this now. I mean it!

4. Haha. They said the word “bed time”. They’re so silly.

5. Seriously. Why don’t more people scream?

6. Yay they’re laughing! I’m doing it again!

7. I want to eat my toes. Take these socks off!

8. Crumb on the floor goes into my mouth…

9. This toy looks delicious!

10. If you leave this room I’m going to scream!

11. Look at me I’m screaming!

12. Oh they want me to copy them!

13. What’s that shiny thing on mommy’s ear? I need a closer look.

14. I’m so hungry! Time to scream.

15. I’m so tired! Time to scream.

16. My diaper is heavy! Time to scream.

17. You think I’m smiling but I’m just passing gas.

18. Pooping is hard work. My face hurts!

19. I love the game of scare mommy. What should I do today? Pick a random thing off the floor and eat it? Pretend to choke on my food? Sleep on my tummy with my face in mattress? So. Many. Possibilities.

20. Thanks for reading this book to me. It feels so good to chew on.