We never stop learning as parents, do we? I feel like I enrolled in a Masters of Life program when I became a mom for the first time. Every day, there’s something new to add to my knowledge list. Here are ten things I learned this month:

1.    Driving to the bus stop isn’t lazy. It’s time management.

2.    Kids are always hungry – but only on their terms. “Gross” foods don’t count.

3.    Whining is another language.

4.    Getting snow pants and boots onto two kids is a sport. And I should win a medal.

5.     Sometimes TV really is the best babysitter.

6.    Having childcare is the best decision I could have made.

7.    No matter how many labels you put on clothing, they still get lost.

8.    Baby giggles are addictive. If I make my baby giggle, I’m not going to stop!

9.    Child proofing can’t wait. When babies move they move quick!

10.    There’s no need to worry so much about developmental milestones! And it’s a waste of energy to compare. Will started crawling this week, and he’s a real pro at it!

Do share, what have you learned about parenting this week?