By: Michelle Higgin

Haven’t you been eyeing that handycam in the shop ever-since your bundle of joy came into existence? Well, if you haven’t succumbed to that temptation yet, it’s perhaps time to do so. Your baby’s tenth month is the perfect time to enjoy and treasure his first solo-steps into freedom

Walking the mile

Your ten month-old baby can crawl fast enough to make you breathless as you follow him. This is the time your sweetie will attempt to stand on his own two little feet! He can cruise along short distances holding to furniture on his way

Most ten-month old babies can wave a good-bye (sometimes at the most inappropriate occasion!) and say ‘mama’, ‘dada’ (now to the right persons!) and a few other words. Many babies may respond to their name and indicate their needs with gestures or words rather than the usual wails.

Bed-time bliss and blues

Your active ten month-old baby may resist bedtime and refuse to go to sleep! Establish a calm, comforting and dependable bedtime routine so that your baby knows and anticipates what will happen every night. It could be a relaxing bath, a story session, or a lullaby. You can give your ten month-old baby a stuffed toy or a soft blanket to make her feel snug and secure. Place her on the bed when she is still sleepy, and let her learn to put herself to sleep.

Diet delight

Familiarize your ten month-old baby to a variety of foods to encourage good eating habits later on in life. Finger foods like toast, bread, raw /steamed vegetables and fruits or cooked chicken pieces will help improve his grip and co-ordination. Introduce fruit juices, cheese and yogurt in small quantities. With enough practice, some babies will be able to drink from a cup too.

It is advisable to continue breastfeeding till your child is about one year old, but you can gradually reduce the number of breastfeeds and introduce baby formula in a bottle. Weaning might be a breeze if your baby loves other foods, but with some babies it can be quite a challenge.

Daddy’s girl!

Baby was mama’s girl all these months? Well, now you will notice, by baby’s tenth month, she pays more attention to daddy. This is the time to develop a relationship and intensify your bonding with her, a bond that will stay for life. Play ‘piggy back’ with her or bounce her on your knees! She will enjoy it and your home will echo with her innocent laughter!

Mom can let dad give baby a bath, dress her up and entertain her in his own way. Do not burden your spouse with instructions. Remember that you learned while on the job. He will too.

Ignore the twinge of sadness you might feel watching his ‘baby-days’ rush past and his dependence on you melting away. Instead rejoice the budding independence of your ten month-old baby and cherish it for life!