Strollers are considered a must-have item, often landing at the top of the baby gear priority list. As a parent, you’ll rely on your stroller to help put baby to sleep, free up your arms during shopping trips, get out jogging, and enjoy long walks. Luckily, with so many different styles and models available, finding one that fits your specific needs is possible! But, as with any investment, it’s important to do your research and know what you want before you buy.

The below information will help guide you as you hunt for the perfect stroller.

Safety First

Before you start shopping, you should first take note of Canada’s safety regulations. According to Health Canada, strollers must come equipped with the following:

  • A lap belt or safety harness firmly attached to the seat or frame.
  • Working breaks.
  • Locking mechanisms on folding models.
  • Securely attached wheels.
  • Manufacturer instructions and information that identifies the maker, model number and manufacture date.

Important note: If you decide to purchase a used stroller, make sure that it has not expired. Most strollers have the expiration date imprinted on them somewhere but the easiest thing to do is to get in touch with the manufacturer to be 100% sure. A good rule of thumb is not to purchase a stroller over 5 years old.

Current Trends

Strollers aren’t just about convenience. With so many options available, you can choose one that suits your personal tastes and daily life routines. Below are a few current stroller trends:

  • Colour – Whether your favourite colour is purple, blue, red, orange or pink, there’s a stroller out there for you.
  • Space saving –Whether it’s the trunk of a car, in a condo or on public transit, strollers that can be easily stored are in high demand.
  • Convertible – The convertible bike trailer is a big trend right now. Rather than having a stroller AND a baby bike seat, these all-in-one solutions easily convert from bike trailer to jogger!


Choose a stroller that you’ll use often:

  • Travelling with baby – if you travel frequently, by air or public transit, you’ll want to look into a lightweight stroller, such as an umbrella stroller, that folds down easily, can open and close with one hand (in case you have baby in the other) and doesn’t take up much room.
  • Running errands –Travel systems come with an infant car seat that clips into the base of the stroller, making it easy for you to take baby from car to mall to home. Look for a travel system that is light, easy to fold down and has a roomy under basket to carry all of your purchases!
  • Jogging with baby – if you’re looking to take baby with you on your jogs, you’ll want to look into a jogger. Jogging strollers feature larger sturdy tires, all-terrain suspension systems and hand grip breaks. Keep in mind that babies must be able to lift their heads before joining you on your jogs (usually around three months old).
  • Multiple children – Whether you have twins, triplets or kids of varying ages, a double stroller or tandem stroller will make your life so much easier! Double strollers conveniently sit children from front to back or side by side and come as travel systems, joggers and umbrellas.

A Perfect Fit

Just like clothes, strollers aren’t one size fits all. It’s important to try them on and find one that fits. Some of the features you should look for include:

  • Adjustable handles so you don’t have to slouch when pushing.
  • Brakes that lock with the press of your foot.
  • Easy-control wheels and a stable wide wheel base.
  • Easy to latch and unlatch buckles.
  • Three-point harnesses to prevent your child from falling out.

With so many options available, stroller shopping can be overwhelming. But by doing your research and understanding your specific needs, you’ll find one that suits both your baby and your lifestyle.