Mother singing to a little baby

From the day she was born, your baby was drawn to your voice. Gently talking to your baby provides her with a sense of calm and comfort, but there’s nothing sweeter to her ears than hearing you sing.

Even if you think you can’t hold a tune, your baby thinks you have the most beautiful voice in the world! Singing is an excellent way to bond with your baby while helping her develop both emotionally and intellectually.

Singing is Food for the Brain

Singing to your baby not only provides her with a sense of calm, but is also an excellent way to nurture the development of her growing brain. Singing nursery rhymes, children’s songs or even just about what you’re doing at the moment helps her develop the skills necessary to communicate successfully.

The words, rhymes and rhythms in songs help your baby explore and become aware of different sounds which in turn help her understand the formation of words. Being introduced to word and sound relationships plays an important role in helping her develop a strong vocabulary and the necessary skills for reading.

Traditions Can Begin with a Song

Singing is an important stepping stone to academic success but it’s also an excellent way to develop a deep emotional bond with your kids. Many of us can draw up memories of our youth simply by thinking of a particular melody or nursery rhyme. Create the same fun memories for your kids by introducing them to your childhood favourite songs or even making up a new one!

Personalizing a song to suit your baby’s environment, life and age can help her understand and remember her everyday activities, her name and objects such as diaper, bottle and lotion.

For example, if it’s bath time you can create a tune out of a simple phrase such as:

It’s bath time, it’s bath time.
Time to get clean as you splish splash in the bath!

You Won’t be Judged

Don’t shy away from singing to your baby because you think you have a “horrible” voice. It’s not the quality of your voice that matters. Your baby is the last one to judge you. In fact, she’s your biggest fan!

Incorporate singing into your baby’s daily life and watch her grow! Whether you make up your own song or use an old favourite, music is an important part of your baby’s emotional and intellectual development. Here are some tips to help incorporate music into her everyday life:

  • Dig into your childhood to find songs to sing. Perhaps your parents have an old nursery rhyme book that you once enjoyed and can pass on to your children.
  • Go to the library and check-out books or CD’s with the words to popular children’s songs. Take them home and sing them to your baby.
  • Enroll in a baby and mommy singing class. Your local library will often offer programs like these for free.
  • Create songs out of everyday activities such as diaper changes, bed time and bath time.