Nurturing, Teaching, and Mothering with Music

Your home is the most important learning environment. You are your child’s most important teacher. And music is one of the most important tools for learning.  Now 88 Keys bring these elements together for you through this special section. Inside you will find creative ways to connect with your child that will nurture his or her cognitive, emotional, social, verbal, and physical development.  It’s about making everyday activities more meaningful with music.

Making Music

Enjoy time together with music and laughter.

Next to playing with mom, playing music is one of your baby’s favorite activities – and one of the most natural things your baby can do. Making sounds with easy-to-grasp instruments gives your baby an “I can do this” sense of accomplishment.

Shaking a chime, her curiosity is instantly gratified and she’s inspired to make things happen again and again, encouraging independence and perseverance, two important developmental skills.

Keep lots of baby-safe instruments within reach for free-play and exploration time.

For their light, high sounds, and special fit for tiny hands, some of your baby’s favorite instruments will be:

  • Baby bells
  • Chime bells
  • Egg shakers

88 Keys tip:
Beyond the musical benefits, playing instruments like these gives your baby the opportunity to use his fine motor skills. Grasping instrument between the thumb and index finger or with a fisted grasp pattern encourages the development of these important skills, which will eventually be necessary to turn a page in a favorite book, pinch cereal or peas, grasp a cup, and even hold a crayon.


Creative Connections
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