Is baby ready for solids? Forget cereal! Forget other grains as well. Your baby doesn’t have the enzymes to digest cereal and it can cause more gut issues and allergies than there needs to be. All this time your baby’s digestive system is still maturing and developing, so providing gentle foods that are easy to digest will make your baby most happy and regular. I wish I knew this when I had my son!

Your best source of iron is actually from liver. You may turn your nose up at it, but your baby may love it. I know mine did! Liver is the best source of usable iron, along with B12. Another great weaning food, that’s also rich in iron is egg yolk. I prefer and suggest you get farm fresh pastured eggs for the best nutritious yolk for baby.

Bone broth is also nourishing and delicious! Rich in minerals and nutrients, it’s the perfect first meal when transitioning to solids.

3 Foods That You Should Include In Baby’s Diet When Starting On Solids

1. Bone broth: This is excellent because real soup made from bones is excellent for the digestive system because is contains gelatin. This helps to develop intestinal lining.

Method: I use 1-2 pounds of marrow bones(save the marrow for a delicious snack after like Marrow Custard) 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and enough water to cover. Soak in the bones in the vinegar for 1 hr. This helps leach minerals from the bones. Add enough water to fill the pot and simmer on low 12-72hours. A perfect slow cooker recipe!

Add onion, carrots and celery (herbs if you wish) and a dash of real Celtic sea salt not refined table salt.

Save the veggies to mash up and feed to baby.

Lamb stew bones are great first meats and for broth and the jelly goodness from the beef marrow bones is something your baby will love too. Mash it up with sweet potatoes and cook veggies in your stock. Serve warm to your baby

2. Egg Yolks: Buy farm fresh eggs. I splurge on good eggs for my family. I like hens that free to roam and peck at grass and bugs rather than sip from a spout.


It’s the perfect protein, contains minerals and vitamins and is the best “brain food”. Don’t over cook as a hard boiled egg yolk can be hard for baby swallow. Yolk should be warm and soft.

Method: In a small sauce pan bring water to a boil. Gently slip the egg in and boil for about 5-6 minutes. When you open the egg peel away the white-the yolk almost slips out. Add a pinch of sea salt(contains extra minerals) and with a spoon serve to baby. I make 3-4 eggs like this for the twins and it’s so delicious and has the iron their bodies need and that can absorb.

3. Liver: You yourself might pass on this but don’t when it comes to baby’s diet. Liver is a powerhouse of nutrients and the iron content. It’s also high in Omega 3.

Babies love it. Serve this 3x a week. Chicken is mild in flavour and 1 teaspoon is really all that’s needed when prepping for baby.

Method: Chicken Paté recipe is the perfect way to introduce it.

Recommended reading: Super Nutrition for Babies by Kelly Genzlinger & Katherine Erlich; The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care by Sally Fallon Morell & Thomas S. Cowan; Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.

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