Baby Photography – Getting the Perfect Shot! From the moment you welcomed your baby into the world, your camera has been working over time. And with good reason! It’s natural to want to capture every waking (and sleeping) moment at this special time! Turn your regular photo album into a spectacular collection of keepsake images with the following tips.

Let Baby Sleep
Babies sleep a lot when they’re first born (although not always when their parents want them to)! Let your baby sleep all she wants as you snap her photograph! It’s the perfect time to capture her innocence and fragility.

Focus On Features
When you’re so entranced by your baby as a whole, you can sometimes forget the beauty of her fine features. Freeze these features in time by focusing your lens on her little hands, feet, nose, eyes and ears.

Use Your Voice
If you’re baby isn’t looking into the camera, try singing and saying her name. Your voice is music to her ears and is something she’ll pay attention to! To maintain her interest, use a rattle or toy as you talk to her and take her picture.

Avoid the Flash
Babies, especially newborns, have very sensitive eyes. To avoid startling your baby, avoid the flash whenever possible. Turning off the flash and shooting in natural light will also help create stunning professional photographs!

Shoot At Different Times
Your baby’s expression and temperament will change throughout the day. In the morning she may be happy and playful. The afternoon she may be sleepy. By nightfall, she may be grumpy. Each moment will provide you with a different opportunity to capture a smile, a laugh or a tear – all of which make for a stunning portrait!

Hiring a Professional
The photos you take will be cherished no matter what. But hiring a professional photographer can bring a certain quality and uniqueness to your family album you may not be able to achieve on your own. Professional photographers, with their equipment and lighting, know what poses and environments help create the perfect photo.

If you choose to hire a professional be sure to:

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations.
  • Ask for referrals from past clients.
  • Ask to view portfolios.
  • Ensure the photographer has experience working with babies.

Posting Photos Online
It’s only natural to want to brag about your baby. You’re most likely excited to share your photos with family and friends, both in person and online! But before posting your photographs on the internet, take the following precautions:

  • Post photos to sites that allow you to restrict outside viewership. Some sites allow people to view your photos through invite only while others are open to the public.
  • Take note of social networking privacy policies. And understand who has the rights to your photos!
  • Avoid positing photos that may embarrass your child later on. Remember, anything you post on the internet will be in cyberspace forever!

As your baby grows, it’s a great idea to document her different stages and development. By following some simple tips, the photographs you take of your baby today are sure to be treasures you’ll enjoy for many years to com