If you own an iPhone, you know just how practical this small device is.  Everything from taking calls, checking emails and looking up next week`s weather is literally at your fingertips, keeping you organized on a daily basis.  In addition to providing outstanding organized service, users of this phone can take advantage of the seemingly endless selection of applications (apps).

With apps made for just about everyone, it should come as no surprise to discover the large collection specifically created to help moms keep organized, have fun with baby and provide endless information.

Below are six great ‘mommy’ apps to try (and most of them are free!):

Kidscheckup by Cook Children – Free

Designed by pediatric experts, this free tool can literally be a life saver when your child is sick. With Kidscheckup, questions you have about your child`s health is just one touch away allowing you to look up symptoms, research illnesses, read up on tips and even look up directions to the nearest clinic.

IRelax Melodies Lite – Free

If you`re looking to create a calming environment while your baby sleeps, install the IRelax Melodies app.  This free application comes with eight relaxing sounds including: ocean, river, flute, rain, winds, music box, lounge and birds.  Turn it on during nap time, bedtime and try this out for your own personal time too!

Babymed llc – Free

This is another free tool that provides you with valuable instant information right at your finger tips.  If you’re pregnant, you can track how you and your baby are coming along week by week. You can also calculate your due date, helping to prepare you for your baby’s arrival.

If you’re hoping to get pregnant, the Babymed fertility calculator helps you determine your ovulation dates and most fertile days to improve your chances of conceiving.

SitorSquat Bathroom Finder – Free

How many times have you been out and about when suddenly you need a restroom? This only gets worse when you`re a parent and your baby needs a diaper change or your toddler cannot wait to pee! Now you can look no further than your phone to find the nearest restroom. Simply enter your current location and let the map guide you. Not only does this app show you where the restrooms are, but they also provide reviews! It can’t get any better than that.

My first words: Animals – $0.99

For just 99 cents you can have fun teaching your little one his first word! This particular app is all about animal words (but other themes such as fruits, colours and constellations are also available). Work with your little one to put letters together to make up a word. Once the word is formed, this tool spells it out and pronounces it when touched.

Baby Tracker: Nursing (and Baby Tracker: Diapers) – $4.99

These two apps help diminish the frustration of “mommy brain”. As a new mom with a lot of on the go, it can be difficult to remember the last time you changed a diaper or nursed your little one. This app keeps track of this for you and provides you with a log for future reference.