Diaper Bag Duds

There’s a lot to learn when you have a baby, and it’s all too easy to inadvertently fill your diaper bag with things that could accidentally harm your little one. Here’s a list of five things from ConsumerSafety.org that you should definitely leave out!

1. Talcum Powder

  • Uses: To treat diaper rash, and as an intimate care product by women.
  • Danger: Linked to ovarian cancer and lung diseases
  • Alternative: Use talc-free products that contain arrowroot, earth clays, cornstarch or rice powder

2. Baby Oil

  • Uses: To moisturize skin
  • Danger: Usually made from mineral oil (a petroleum byproduct) and “fragrance.” Mineral oils act like liquid plastic, inhibiting breathability and toxin release
  • Alternative: Opt for natural oils like coconut, almond and olive

3. Antibacterial Soaps

  • Uses: To kill germs
  • Danger: Nearly all antibacterial soaps contain Triclosan, a carcinogenic endocrine disruptor
  • Alternative: Babies are generally clean until they become mobile, so you shouldn’t have to swab them down with antibacterial cleansers. Evidence suggests that having some exposure to bacteria may actually strengthen a baby’s immune system

4. Belladonna

  • Uses: Homeopathic teething remedy
  • Danger: Linked to seizures and adverse health complications in children due to inconsistent amounts in products (teething toys have also been found to contain contain BPA – and are not regulated by the FDA (because they aren’t considered a food or drug)
  • Alternative:  Try a chilled damp washcloth, or gentle pressure from a parent’s finger on the gums. For older children, some frozen banana in a mesh feeding tube will provide some comfort

5. Fragrance

  • Uses: To mask chemical odours from other ingredients
  • Danger: Often contain petroleum-derived synthetic chemicals which can cause respiratory, neurological, and skin damage, and may lead to asthma (companies are not required to disclose what ingredients are in “fragrance”)
  • Alternative: Use fragrance-free, organic, or sensitive products

Feel free to share/download the image below. Want to learn more about harmful ingredients in children’s products? Click here to read more. For more on talc, click here.

5 Things to Leave Out of Your Diaper Bag

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